Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

There has been a lot of hype in recent years about organic foods. You’ve no doubt noticed them in your local grocery store as more expensive versions of all the other produce beside them. You may have wondered what the difference is, and what kind of benefits eating organic foods has that makes people willing to pay so much more for them. Well, you are in luck because this article will tell you all about the amazing benefits of eating organic foods!

Great Taste

Simply put, organic foods just taste better. They are free from pesticides and other chemicals that often tain the tastes of other foods and produce. Healthy soil and happy plants produce nutritious, flavorful foods that frequently outperform their non-organic counterparts in blind taste tests.

Stops Soil Erosion

Due to the unsustainable practices that have become the standard in the farming industry, soil erosion is becoming a huge problem all over the planet. This is an important issue because heavy soil erosion can turn fertile land into dust bowls and deserts in less than ten years, likely instigating a widespread food shortage. Organic farmers cultivate their land in a way that is respectful of the earth and sustainable in the long term. They use farming practices like rest periods and crop rotation that help to keep the soil fertile, fresh, and healthy for generations to come.

Health Benefits

Some of the same things that make organic foods taste so much better also result in increased health in your body. The absence of pesticides, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals promote greater health and may even alleviate pre existing health conditions. Some of these chemicals were approved for consumption many years ago, when less was known about their effect on the human body. Since then, many have been linked to serious health problems like cancer, Alzheimer's, and birth defects, just to name a few.

Supporting Farming Communities

Buying organically grown produce is a great way to support your local farming community, as well as receiving a superior product in terms of taste, nutrition, and health benefits. The way things are going these days, most small, family-owned and operated farms have been bought out or forced out of business by the big farming conglomerates. Buying local, organically produced fruits, vegetables, and animal products is one of the only ways left to support your local community and know that you are not, in fact, buying from just another branch of Big Agriculture.

Protect the Water Supply

We all know that accidents happen even with the best of intentions, and unfortunately the agriculture industry is not immune to this. Occasionally, an accident can happen that results in large stores of pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals polluting the local water supply. In fact, this may or may not happen during normal, sanctioned use of these substances! After all, anything you spray on the ground will eventually find its way through the soil and into the water supply. Protect your local water supply by buying organic foods that are produced without this risk to the environment.