Grocery Stores in Somerset County, PA

Compare the Grocery Stores and food stores locations near Somerset County in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Get informed about the top-rated food stores in the Somerset County, PA zip code and view their contact info quickly and easily.

Grocery Stores Listings

Blue Goose
7349 National Pike, Addison, PA 15411-2124.
Blue Goose Phone Number(814) 395-3545
Coalfield Mini-Market
1401 Main Street, Berlin, PA 15530-1434.
Coalfield Mini-Market Phone Number(814) 267-7200
Harber's Riverside Market
540 Main Street, Berlin, PA 15530-1342.
Harber's Riverside Market Phone Number(814) 267-3121
Rose's Country Market
200 Main Street, Boswell, PA 15531-1130.
Rose's Country Market Phone Number(814) 629-8444
Mike's Market
366 Rock Cut Road, Central City, PA 15926-8401.
Mike's Market Phone Number(814) 754-8200
Riverside Markets
410 Barn Street, Hooversville, PA 15936.
Riverside Markets Phone Number(814) 798-7161
Smith's Country Market
1310 Pitt Street, Jennerstown, PA 15547.
Smith's Country Market Phone Number(814) 629-5188
Meyersdale Shop and Save
213 Dale Street, Meyersdale, PA 15552-1396.
Meyersdale Shop and Save Phone Number(814) 634-8012
Sheetz Inc
24 Center Street, Meyersdale, PA 15552-1142.
Sheetz Inc Phone Number(814) 634-5138
Summit Discount
456 Kinmill Road, Meyersdale, PA 15552-6447.
Summit Discount Phone Number(814) 634-1735
Country Trail
7 Bridge, Rockwood, PA 15557.
Country Trail Phone Number(814) 926-2117
Schrock's Mart-New Centerville
2859 New Centerville Road, Rockwood, PA 15557-7419.
Schrock's Mart-New Centerville Phone Number(814) 926-2283
Ida's Country Store
Shanksville, PA 15560.
Ida's Country Store Phone Number(814) 267-5219
Bi Lo Markets
Somerset, PA 15501.
Bi Lo Markets Phone Number(814) 445-5428
Bi Lo Markets
313 Plank Road, Somerset, PA 15501-2319.
Bi Lo Markets Phone Number(814) 445-5570
Giant Eagle
4192 Glades Pike, Somerset, PA 15501-8724.
Giant Eagle Phone Number(814) 443-6558
Rhoads Mini Mart
Route 31Rural Route 6 West, Somerset, PA 15501.
Rhoads Mini Mart Phone Number(814) 445-7020
Roof Garden Market
407 Stoystown Road, Somerset, PA 15501-6945.
Roof Garden Market Phone Number(814) 445-5252
Sheetz Inc
363 West Main Street, Somerset, PA 15501-1510.
Sheetz Inc Phone Number(814) 443-4429
Sheetz Inc
457 East Main Street, Somerset, PA 15501-2106.
Sheetz Inc Phone Number(814) 443-4427
Sheetz Inc
State Road 601, Somerset, PA 15501.
Sheetz Inc Phone Number(814) 443-4175
Somerset Save-A-Lot
1534 North Center Avenue Suite 190, Somerset, PA 15501-7051.
Somerset Save-A-Lot Phone Number(814) 444-1974
Springs Store
1726 Springs Road, Springs, PA 15562.
Springs Store Phone Number(814) 662-4175
Conjelko's Dairy Store Inc
518 Graham Avenue, Windber, PA 15963-1323.
Conjelko's Dairy Store Inc Phone Number(814) 467-9506
Leone's Market
1914 Graham Avenue, Windber, PA 15963-2012.
Leone's Market Phone Number(814) 467-4059
Riverside Markets
1514 Jefferson Avenue, Windber, PA 15963-1752.
Riverside Markets Phone Number(814) 467-6624
Sheetz Inc
901 Graham Avenue, Windber, PA 15963-1542.
Sheetz Inc Phone Number(814) 467-8330
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